Sanitary filtration of water in water park equipment is essential!

- Apr 16, 2020-

Sanitary filtration of water in water park equipment is essential!

  In the water park, as the name suggests, the play equipment is all about water, which is very important for the sanitation of water, and most of this is outdoor. It may also be affected by natural rain and rain. How does the filtration system clean? Related knowledge points: Let's take a look, this is a good water park!



  The intelligent backwater of the swimming pool starts from the main intelligent backwater Geshan first through the hair collector, and the circulating water pump intercepts the hair and large suspended solids in the water to prevent the hair from winding around the centrifugal impeller of the pump and endangering the operation of subsequent machinery and equipment.


  After adding coagulant to the water output, a mixed reaction is generated in the pipeline, and the fine suspended solids in the water are collected and filtered and intercepted by the back filter of the high-speed filtering device.


  After going through the heat exchanger, part of the pool water is heated and mixed with the other part. At this time, add disinfectant to eliminate bacteria in the water, maintain the necessary amount of residual chlorine, and add algaecide to prevent the pool water from greening, and adjust the pH value, then the pool water returns to the swimming pool again.


  Swimming pool equipment standard

  There are automatic pool water disinfection and sterilization breathing system and heating equipment.


  Under the swimming pool, there are private access safe passages and foot dip sterilization sterilization ponds.


  The integrated swimming pool water treatment equipment is very technical, not only can the pool water circulation system be used, but also can carry out basic disinfection and sterilization to eliminate part of the bacteria in the water. The equipment and equipment are highly integrated.