How to maintain the equipment of large children's water park is better

- Apr 13, 2020-

How to maintain the equipment of large children's water park is better

Children's water park equipment is mainly capable of amusement and entertainment of water equipment, it contains more products, especially every year, amusement equipment manufacturers will launch some new products and new models. However, we must also regularly organize employees to conduct safety inspections and repairs on a yearly, seasonal, monthly, pre-holiday and peak season basis. Then, how to maintain large-scale water park equipment is better.


Children's water park equipment


Before opening the park every day, first check the slides and other equipment one by one to see if there are sharp edges, sharp angles, burrs, leaks, etc. on the slide. Water treatment equipment does not operate normally to ensure the supply of water skiing and water skiing.


Pools equipped with underwater lights should regularly check whether the insulation of the underwater lights meets the requirements.


When the children's water park equipment slide is not in use, it needs to be covered with plastic cloth or coarse cloth to prevent the ultraviolet radiation from aging, fading, cracking and other phenomena of the equipment;


If it is found that the groove section of the slide should be repaired immediately, it needs to be replaced if necessary, and be handled in a timely manner when the slide interface is not smooth and smooth, inverted protruding platform or water leakage.


Loose connectors should be regularly checked and fixed.


For load-bearing components, centralized inspection is required, and when problems such as structural cracks and bending deformation are found, they need to be replaced in time.


There is a surface paint layer in the metal frame. If it is not used, it must be checked whether the equipment has fallen off and faded. If there is peeling and falling off, it should be repainted to prevent corrosion of the metal surface and ultimately affect the aesthetics and strength of the metal surface.


Regularly check the quality of the amusement pool surface, and find that the amusement pool is cracked, missing, and falling off should be repaired in time.